Staff Meeting Christmas Cure

The story can now be told.
What’s the bane of existence to every flight chief, workcenter supervisor, and superintendent, not only in the Air Force but, though perhaps with different titles, in almost every organization? STAFF MEETINGS. So here’s what I did for years around Christmas time…and you can, too. Get a Christmas coffee cup with a photoelectric cell on the bottom that plays “Jingle Bells” when you pick it up to drink. I occasionally got caught, but I don’t know how many commanders would stop in the middle of a tirade and say, “What’s that sound?” as I set down the cup. They’d look around the room…everybody else, including me, would look around the room…nobody would hear anything, and the meeting would resume. So would the cup. Sometimes meetings could last for hours. This game could, too. And I’ve been retired for 17 years, and the cup still plays. I love this cup.

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