What Happens on the Mountain


Rifle slugs…rattlesnakes…runaway trucks…this is not the stress relief and recuperation Dillon MacMillan had in mind when he put the Air Force and Albuquerque in his rear-view mirror, hauling Penny and the kids to a new home and a new life in the mountains. Accidents? Maybe. That’s what the sheriff thinks.
But the nightmares are back—the ones he tried so hard to leave behind—and now they’re in broad daylight and way too real. Dill must face them all at once when his family is trapped at their secluded mountain retreat and plunged into a maelstrom of greed, betrayal, revenge, and terror.
Cut off from the outside world, he has to find a way to stop a new nightmare—one more sinister, more chilling, and with more far-reaching consequences than he could have ever foreseen.
Dill is no Rambo…just an out-of-work computer tech. But he has Penny, a fiery redhead who wields a wicked skillet in more ways than two. And Lacy, a wounded warrior with a furry secret weapon named Auggie and a surprise or two up her pant leg. And his own fierce determination to keep his family—and a hundred thousand other innocent people—alive.
Whatever it takes.

Something for everyone…action, adventure, humor, mystery, suspense! This is a realistic thriller that does deal with military-type subjects such as PTSD, wounded warriors, and military working dogs.  But it’s also a family-oriented story that has been getting enthusiastic reactions from male and female readers alike as it features family dynamics, domestic suspense, strong female characters, and humor while still delivering plenty of cliffhanging action.

What are readers saying?  Here are a few samples from the 100% 5-star Amazon reviews:

  • “I read top 20 books all the time and there are a lot of good ones, but this book hit the elusive Great Read Level.”
  • “This book is really great. I had so much fun reading it. There was never a dull moment.”
  • “Oh my goodness….this book was great! . . . I highly, highly recommend it!”
  • “I loved this book!! Just when I thought I had it figured out he threw me a curve. Excellent!!”
  • “I loved it. The way it was written made me feel like I was there. The intrigue was great. And I laughed out loud. Great job! I look forward to your next book.”
  • “I thought the book was excellent. It is a thriller with lots of twists and turns. I think J.J. Probasco is to Commandos what Grisham is to Lawyers. It would be a grave mistake not to allow yourself to enjoy this book.”

Finished “What Happens on the Mountain.” I was completely thrilled. Hope you get moving on the next thriller. This book grabbed me because of insight into a man grappling with establishing a blended family and fighting his own demons of PTSD. It is so true of today’s retirees’ battles facing yesterday’s actions. I liked that you don’t try to sugar coat your words. I was enchanted with your description of places, changing scenery and your ability to pull the reader into the mood of the moment. The book is highly entertaining, well written, and very informative. I enjoyed reading from another writer who uses “first person” narrative. An extremely well done book in comparison with C.J. Box and Clive Cussler.
— Bunny Prather, female veteran and author of “The WAF Saga.”

“What Happens on the Mountain” is a wild ride mixed with the sadness of loss and the joy of healing and married bliss. This is a well-written story that occasionally lulls one into complacency only to gobsmack the reader with a new twist. The story is as fresh as today’s headlines and as old as any tale. I enjoyed the intimate details of our hero adjusting to civilian life and finding balance after a family tragedy. As with most stories, it’s the small details that count and this read contains the many details that make it believable. Buy it. Read it. Enjoy it. I did.
— Kevin Callahan, artist and author of “Morris’ Code” and “Road Map.”

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