This Could Be The Start Of Something Weird

Hi!  Welcome!  Good to see ya!  My name is J.J. Probasco and I write stuff.  I’ve sorta figgered that part out — how well is up to y’all, but isn’t really the point right now.  What I’m doing now is something entirely alien to me, one of the Great Mysteries of Life: setting up a web site.  I hear it’s enough to make me appear all sophisticated & refined, and make oodles of agents pay attention to me, and good things like that.  So I’m a-goin’ for it, though it’s apparently a task that requires learning new stuff and paying attention, and ain’t no tellin’ where that will lead.  So this is gonna be pretty interesting and most likely time-consuming, and I appreciate you being patient and holding back a few of the catcalls while I learn these tangled ropes and make this thing happen.

I confess. . .I’m only halfway out of the cave and have tons to learn about widgets and sidebars and links and tags and all those mysterious things, but I suspect I’ll have it figured out before Christmas how to post my stories and commentaries and miscellaneous spewings, and link them to Facebook, and link posts from other people who know what they’re doing, and all kinds of stuff.  Don’t hold your breath, but surely it has to happen sooner or later.  Some of it might even be worthy of note. . .you never know.  But it looks like I’m gonna start flailing around and making a mess anyway, so beware but laugh all you want.

In the meantime, a primary goal was to make it possible, and hopefully easy, to buy my recently-published novel in paperback form with my not-yet-legendary signature, if a purchaser would be so inclined, with a credit card.  Some have actually asked, and I’m here to serve.  To my great fascination, I may have actually made that materialize somehow over on my “Books” page.  So if you happen to visit that page and notice that I did manage to make anything. . .anything at all. . .work yet, please pause in wonder and delight for just a few moments, ’cause you just gotta cherish those successes when you find ’em.

And while you’re there, I’d be okay with you trying out that “Buy Now” button if you do get the urge.

Thanks, and see ya in the spin!


6 thoughts on “This Could Be The Start Of Something Weird

    1. Thanks, Sharon! You’re a groundbreaker…first comment on my web site! You’re awesome! It took me hours of studying to find out how to approve it so it would show up…baby steps…baby steps… 😉


  1. Well Mr Jim, can I be so informal? I feel that it is time to let you know that I awaited your book’s arrival with baited breath. (it kept the cats away while I waited!) Well it arrived and I couldn’t start reading it right away as I had to finish reading he Cat in the Hat. You remember that I have a single track mind and to this day I have not perfected multitasking. But the day arrived and I boldly went where I hope several thousand had gone before me – in to “What Happens on the Mountain”. It was a great read. I hope you continue and remember us little people as you arrive at the pinnacle of literary success.

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    1. Thanks so much, Ed, for the tons of support and for finally mastering the Cat in the Hat! I’m sure you found that one a worthy effort. Please keep the hope going for the several thousand and maybe that will help them materialize so they can help you boost me up to that pinnacle. I do appreciate you!


  2. Well we are “2” of the several thousand and absolutely loved the book 📖. Bob “grabbed” it first so of course I waited patiently for my turn. I figured it must be a good read because Bob normally only reads hunting and gun books but on his own chose to put them aside to read “What Happens On The Mountain”. All I can say after reading it is EXCELLENT!!! Thanks Jim and we are looking forward to the next one ❤️

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    1. Thank you, Karla…you made my poor heart go all pitty-pat (but of course you always have)! 😉 I really appreciate you both being in at the very beginning of those several thousand!!


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